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Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker

Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker

Take a look at the size of the BeoPlay A2 Speaker. Compared to other bluetooth speakers, that’s a reassuring thing because, as some experts will cry from the rooftops, it’s just not easy to pack a great sound into a very small box. The look of it doesn’t hurt either, as green, black, and grey are right up our sartorial alleyways. The leather strap makes it easy to carry or hang anywhere, and a 24 hour battery life will ensure a non-stop playlist for a very long listening session.

Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker black

-Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless streaming
-1 x line-in for MP3 player or mobile device
-1 x USB connection for charging your device while playing music
-1 x DC power input
-Features True360 sound and up to 24 hours battery life.
-1.1 kg (less than 2.5 pounds)

Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker black carry

Beoplay A2 Bluetooth Speaker green

Available from B&O Play, $399.00.

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