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The Prepster Emergency Survival Bag

The Prepster Emergency Survival Bag

Too lazy to put together your own emergency survival kit? Don’t you worry, you can buy the Prepster Bag and be fit for any disaster, for 72 hours at least. There’s a hand crank radio and phone charger, a first-aid kit, ProBar® Meals, BOXED WATER IS BETTER® waters, tools, a tent, LED flashlight, and so much more. It’s assembled all for you, in a striped and monogrammed bag, no less. If you had this the next time a fire, earthquake, or hurricane rolled around, would you be more prepared? Definitely. Could you buy all this stuff yourself and possibly save some money? Probably, but will you ever get around to it? There’s also the Prepster Lite ($145.00) for a trimmed down version.

Prepster Bag

Items included:

Malin+Goetz® Essential Kit
Eton® FRX2–Hand Crank Radio & Phone Charger
Lifeline® Advanced First-Aid Kit
ProBar® Meals
Swiss Knife and Multi-tool
Tent for quick shelter
Field Notes Waterproof notebook and Pencil
LED Flashlight, signal flare, and whistle
LED Headlamp
Emergency Poncho
Emergency Space Blanket
Instant Hand Warmers
Paracord Rope
Playing Cards
Hip Flask (BYOScotch)
Marvis® Toothpaste & Toothbrush
TCHO x Blue Bottle Coffe Chocolate Bar
plus 158 other items

Prepster Lite
Prepster Lite, $145.00

Available from Preppi , $345.00 - 395.00.

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