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SIWA Cases and Bags

SIWA Cases and Bags

It’s impossible to ignore these cases and bags, even if the SIWA briefcase is my favorite. With several different sizes to choose from, you can organize your belongings in whatever way you see fit.

All pieces are produced by the Onao paper company in Japan and are highly water-resistant and capable of carrying heavy loads (tested for up to 10 kgs/ 22 lbs).

SIWA square bag, $42.00

SIWA mini pouch
SIWA cushioned case (mini), $24.00

SIWA pouch medium
SIWA cushioned case (small), $28.00

SIWA large pouch
SIWA cushioned case (large), $38.00 (perfect size for carrying 13″ laptop)

SIWA pouch
SIWA pouch, $28.00

Available from baum-kuchen, 24.00 and up.

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