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Ortho Remote

Ortho Remote

This blue hockey-puck-looking-thing is a wireless remote for your sound system. How does it work, you ask? Click it once to start playing music, twist it to turn the volume up or down, tap to pause… you get the idea. It was originally designed for Teenage Engineering’s OD-11 Cloud Speaker, yet it follows universal Bluetooth standard for HID so you can use it with any music player on mac OS X, iOS, or Android. A magnetic back gives you the option to stick it on any metal surface, or make use of the non-slip bottom to keep it in place on your table, desk, or countertop.

Ortho Remote with OD-11 Cloud Speaker
OD-11 Cloud Speaker with Ortho Remote.

Compatible with Bluetooth 4 LE.
Non-slip silicon bottom with magnet.
20-meter range.

Available from MoMA Store or directly from Teenage Engineering.

Ortho Remote

Available from MoMA Store, $150.00.

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