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Libratone’s Loop Wireless Speaker

Libratone’s Loop Wireless Speaker

There’s a never ending stream of new wireless speakers, and we’ll all just have to deal with it, whether we’re still searching for the perfect audio experience or have respectfully decided to be happy with what we’ve got. I belong to the latter group, so it’s hard to get too excited by any wireless speaker nowadays, but this Loop Wireless Speaker is slim, round, and has changeable wool covers, which is useful if you’re into switching up your interior design colors every now and then. You can mount it on the wall or position it on a table or bookshelf with its kickstand support. But what are the audio specs, you ask? Follow the link to the retailer, or read some of them below, because there’s a lot of data that’s better left untouched by the likes of (unexcitable) me.

Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker

Features a duo stand and wall mount for flexible placement.

Materials: Italian wool, polycarbonate plastic

“Libratone speakers are based on how acoustic instruments function, dispersing sound waves in multiple directions, reflecting them off the walls. With built-in Digital Signal Processing and Digital Amplification, there are two 1-inch ribbon tweeters and a single 4-inch bass driver, all firing in different directions. No need to scramble for the sweet spot: Libratone gives a 360° sound experience. The round shape of the speaker supports FullRoom™ technology by bouncing sound off walls and dispersing it in every direction.”

Technical info:
Amplifier: 120W total, 2.1 Stereo system with FullRoomTM DSP optimization and Full Digital Amplification for a 360° sound experience

Frequency range: 40-20.000 Hz. Max. output: 99 dB SPL/ 1m.

Drive units: 1 4-inch woofer, 1 passive radiator and 2 1-inch ribbon based tweeter.
Inputs: AAirPlay, PlayDirect™, DLNA (Windows and Android devices), USB audio (iPod, iPhone and iPad) and 3.5 mm audio minijack for analog sound.

Libratone Loop Wireless Speaker back and side

Available from A+R Store, 499.95.

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