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Grain Audio PWS Wireless Speaker

Grain Audio PWS Wireless Speaker

Another wireless speaker, yawn… but wait, the very fact that it’s not neon orange or some other outrageous color makes it seem more grown up and mature, and that certainly won’t hurt your image, am I right? Solid walnut wood helps deliver a warmer sound than other plastic speakers, and, with the addition of neutral graphite speaker grills and buttons, you have an altogether pleasing package. The Grain Audio PWS measures in at 7″ long, 2.345″ wide, and 3.125″ high, so it’s the perfect portable size.

Designed by Chris Weir / Grain Audio
Dimensions: 7″ L x 2.375″ W x 3.125″ H
Materials: FSC certified walnut, silicone, electrical components

Available from Dwell Store, 249.00.

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