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Folded Paper Furoshiki

Folded Paper Furoshiki

Furoshiki are a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloths that can be used as scarves, gift wrapping, or even as a wall hanging. You know this, of course, if you’ve seen any of the offerings from the Link Collective (etsy shop: LINK), as they have quite the collection. There’s also a Leather Carry Strap ($20-$28) that allows you to use a Furoshiki as a bag.

Folded Paper Furoshiki by Lucinda Newton Dunn
(10% of all furoshiki sales will be going towards recovery efforts in Tohoku)

Size: 900 x 900 mm (35.4 x 35.4″)
Material : 100% cotton satin (lighter weight, smooth cotton)
Handmade in Japan, using Japanese traditional printing techniques.

Available from thelinkcollective, 48.00.

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