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Travelteq Travel Jacket

Travelteq Travel Jacket

Clothing isn’t usually featured on BLTD, but this Travel Jacket from Travelteq deserves a mention. It’s a made from a navy blue light nylon and is reversible- one side has more distinguished pockets for a formal look while the other has stitched-on “sporty” pockets for casual outings. Both sides allow you to close the jacket either with a zipper or with buttons. One caveat, though, Travelteq is gauging interest before production, so, if you’d like to see it available for purchase, leave your email address on the product page and snag a lower price (€ 125) if it goes into production.

Travelteq Travel Jacket

“We found beautiful light nylon and really did our best to create the perfect fit. The jacket is very light and wearable in every season. In the winter it can be a great underjacket for your woolen coat, where it will be the perfect windbreaker. We also found a way to easily attach your phones’ earplugs to the jacket, so they are within your reach, yet don’t get in the way.” – Travelteq

Travelteq Travel Jacket zipper buttons

Travelteq Travel Jacket back

Available from Travelteq, €250.00.

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