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Donna Wilson Hats, Scarves, Gloves

Donna Wilson Hats, Scarves, Gloves

Ms. Wilson, take a break, please. There’s just too much pleasantly patterned cold weather wear to take in. The Circus Arm Warmers, for instance; who knew they needed these until spotting those colorful blocks of stripes and triangles? And the Tip Top Gloves. Our old gloves were perfectly fine, thank you very much, until thinking of waving our fingers around with blue, red, or pink tips. As stated before, it’s a little overwhelming, and it feels like you’ve detonated a quirky/cute bomb on us all without any prior warning.

Circus Arm Warmers

Circus Arm Warmers, £42.50

Tip Top Gloves

Tip Top Gloves, £35.00

Circus Hat Tip Top Hat

Circus Hat, £35.00
Tip Top Hat, £39.00

Shown in main image:
Circus Arm Warmers £42.50
Dash Dot Hat £35.00
Tip Top Gloves £35.00
House Scarf £52.50

Available from Donna Wilson, .

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