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Clap Digital Camera

Clap Digital Camera

This Clap Digital Camera won’t compete with Hipstamatic or Instagram for its social aspect, but it’ll provide a different kind of vintage vibe to your shutter snapping; spontaneity. Keeping your camera on your necklace on in your front pocket ensures a never missed opportunity to catch that moment from last night’s party. Not having a LCD preview keeps you in the present and not mucking about uploading your photos to the web and tagging your photos. Need I mention that the camera is also just adorable?ร‚ย  It also records movies 30 second movies and functions as a USB drive.

Size โ€” 1.4 x 2.75 x .6”
Weight โ€” 24g
ISO โ€” 100
Memory โ€” 2 to 16 GB Micro SD
Image Resolution โ€” 1280 x 1024

Note: Looks like the Clap Digital Camera is backordered at the moment, fyi.

Available from Via Alley, 50.00.

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