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Wine Preserver Bottle

Wine Preserver Bottle

I rarely open a bottle of wine without finishing it, but that’s because I’ve got someone with a hollow leg to share it with me. However, a nice bottle of wine sometimes deserves to be enjoyed over a few nights, and this Wine Preserver Bottle will provide an air tight seal to lock in flavors for up to a week.

After you pour in your wine, you drop the float on top to create the seal, thus protecting your precious wine from that pesky oxygen. And, when it’s time to pour the wine into your glass, remove the spill-proof lid, tip the bottle and the float automatically adjusts to the pouring angle.

Materials: Glass, Rubber
Measurements: 10.5″ H x 4.25″ diameter; 28 oz. capacity
Dishwasher safe

Made in the USA.

Available from Uncommon Goods, 50.00.


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