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Wine and Bar range by Aurélien Barbry

Wine and Bar range by Aurélien Barbry

If you have Aurélien Barbry’s cork wine stoppers from Normann Copenhagen, you might want to add these other accoutrements to your bar area. Similarly matched to the stoppers, the pieces are made from cork, which give a natural warmth to an otherwise bland sea of stainless steel options.

Wine & Bar foil cutter, $17.50

bottle opener
Wine & Bar bottle opener, $29.00

Wine & Bar cork screw, $28.00

Whisk (bamboo), $28.00

Wine Pourer, set of 2 $29.00

Wine Stopper Set, $29.00

I think that it is interesting to use cork, which is an honest material, traditionally used as to seal bottles, for a series of Wine & Bar. For me, cork radiates a warmth and gives the series its natural look. Wine & Bar celebrates both the daily meal table and dinner parties -Aurélien Barbry.

Also available from Normann Copenhagen.


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