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Wastberg Collection

Wastberg Collection

Though my personal favorite remains the Studioilse lamp, the whole Wastberg Collection is incredibly impressive. (Also, with only a few days left of DWR’s sale (15% off is valid through March 18, 2009), it’s decision time if you’re considering any purchases.)

Irvine w082t LED Lamp: $550.00 $467.50 Buy it here.

…designer James Irvine created his w082t LED Lamp (2008) without knobs or hinges. Instead, this lamp can be directed in a variety of ways by turning any of the three pivot points, which are located at the base, in the middle and at the head. H 18.25″ W 18.5″ D 8.5″

Claesson Koivisto Rune w081t2 LED Lamp:
$550.00 $467.50 Buy it here.

…can be quickly repositioned with one hand, simply by grabbing hold of the handle that comes out of the middle of the adjustable head. Inspired by surgical lamps, the three designers studied these medical devices and devised a way to eliminate shadows created by the handle. H 17.75″ W 28.5″ D 7.25″

Massaud w083t LED Lamp:
$650.00 $552.50 Buy it here.

“It’s about gravity and non-gravity,” writes designer Jean-Marie Massaud about his w083t LED Lamp (2008), which balances on a bowl-shaped base that rests on a magnetic platform. While this base stays securely in place, the arm of the lamp spins 360 degrees to cast warm white light where its needed on the table or desk. H 18″ W 25″ D 5.25″

Studioilse w084t Halogen IRC Lamp:
$550.00 $467.50 Buy it here.

“We have chosen honest materials that carry clear messages,” says Ilse Crawford, designer of the w084t Lamp (2008). “Iron for its feelings of stability, reliability and trust; wood with its warmth and life; and a glass, chalk and plastic blend for its intimate glow and tactility.” H 23.5″ W 23.5″ D 5.25″

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