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Vasa Mihich Blades Sculpture

Vasa Mihich Blades Sculpture

Not every home can stomach super modern sculptures, mostly because they’re not exactly kid-friendly, but also because modern art can be prohibitively expensive for a more modest budget. However, these sleek, colorful acrylic sculptures by Vasa Mihich aren’t going to make you choke when you hear the price- or maybe they will if you have a very, very modest budget- but for those of us that wouldn’t mind investing in such splendor for under the $1G mark, it looks like a safe bet. There are also smaller, less expensive pieces on Vasa Mihich’s site. Hmm, what was that? Why, yes, my birthday is coming up, how kind of you to remember.

Also pictured, “Baton:Hawaii” Sculpture, $475.00 (12โ€ยH 2.5โ€ยW)

Vasa Mihich Blades Sculpture also available from Barneys.

Available from Caviar20, 750.00.

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