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Up Filer Universal Vertical Filing Rack

Up Filer Universal Vertical Filing Rack

What better way to start off a Monday than with a filing rack? After all, filing papers is the most exciting thing in the world*, so therefore, anything to help that lovely job go faster/better is worth a gander. This filing rack differs from most in that it is a wall mounted vertical storage rack, which allows files and other flat content to vary by size yet still remain visible. Labels are located at the bottom of files, allowing for a quick visual scan, and the pivoting hanger allows for easy addition and removal of items. If you work with different sizes of paper/artwork, this could be a very smart storage solution.

“Unit is equipped with ten hangers for folders or other flat content. The width and thickness of content can vary greatly. The height of content can measure up to approximately 16 1/2″ (42cm), depending on its thickness. (Thicker content may need to measure a bit less.)”

-Hangers are nickel plated steel. Spine is solid hardwood. Includes mounting hardware.
-Approximate size: 11.5″ x 34.5″ x 2.5″ (29.2cm x 87.6cm x 6.3cm)
-60 day money back guarantee.
-Designed and Manufactured in the USA. Patent pending.

*I do hope you detect my sarcasm here.

Available from westerville design, 149.00.

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