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‘Tougher than Leather’ Skateboard & ‘Zeus’ Letter Opener

‘Tougher than Leather’ Skateboard & ‘Zeus’ Letter Opener

While neither of these are the most practical accoutrements, they are curious objects that some of you might enjoy collecting.

‘Tougher than Leather’ Skateboard
: 480 €
Buy it here.

“How old school can you get? Strap on this leather beauty and pose your cred away.
Socks optional. Made to order. ”

‘Zeus’ Letter Opener
: Brass,155 € ; Silver plated brass: 174 €,
Buy it here.

“Left or right handed, a letter knife to rip through hatemail with the stealth and fury of Zeus!
Available in solid or silver-plated brass. Currently in stock.”

[via trendhunter]


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