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The Humble Stoneware Crock

The Humble Stoneware Crock

The stoneware crock became a houseware staple around 1720 in the North East United States, typically bearing a salt glaze and cobalt oxide blue stamps of the potters who made them. They’re incredibly sturdy, relatively inexpensive and simple in execution.

The wide mouth and base make the 1 gallon crock perfect for kitchen utensil storage and it’s heavy enough that I don’t have to worry about it tipping over.

Image above from Grey

From Amazon
Five Gallon crock, $109.00 — Amazon.

Other possible uses:
Firewood holder
Wet umbrella holder

Stoneware Crock from Lonny
Image from Lonny Mag

Stoneware Crock from Ascot Friday
Image from Ascot Friday.

Available from Ace Hardware, 19.99 and up.

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