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the beholder marketplace

the beholder marketplace

I’ve had this site bookmarked for a while now, and finally got a chance to go through it semi-thoroughly. If you’ve an empty spot for a piece of artwork, there’s a few gems that might fit. Here are a few random favorites.

Shown above: “FURTHER MURMURATION” by Christopher Reiger. 14 x 11″, edition of 25, $150.00

“Eli” (Haircut Art) by Aaron and Mandy Dietz at Ritual. 16 x 12″, edition of 10, $200.00

“Spirit Guardian and Protector”, by William Crump. Mixed media on paper, 16 x 20″, $600.00

“Twenty-Five Twenty-Five” by Ian Dingman. Ink and watercolor on paper, 12 x 9″, $260.00

“The Golden Rupture” by Lela Shields. Pen and Ink on Paper, 22.5 x 30″, $900.00

“Synesthesia 1” by Christopher Reiger. 11 x 14″, edition of 25, $75.00

All from the beholder.

Available from the beholder, .

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