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Teroforma Bread & Butter Boards

Teroforma Bread & Butter Boards

If you’re serious about your bread and various spreads, take a look at the Teroforma boards. One is longer, for baguettes and such, the other shorter for regular loaves. A removable soapstone bowl nests into an opening which then serves as a hook or handle for storage or carrying. One side of the board has a sloped ‘well’ that will corral all manner of crackers.

Teroforma Bread & Butter Boards

“Due to the versatile nature of soapstone, the small bowl can be placed in the refrigerator prior to use in order to keep spreads chilled on a warm day.”

Made in Vermont by Teroforma.

Available in two sizes, one for long baguettes, $110.00 and one for short loaves, $110.00.

Available from YLiving, 110.00.

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