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Tangram City Sculpture Puzzle

Tangram City Sculpture Puzzle

This grey conglomeration might perplex you at first, but it’s actually a puzzle that doubles as
table dรฉcor. You’re most likely familiar with tangrams, those puzzles with seven flat pieces meant for rearranging in a certain shapes, and this tablescape takes that idea into 3D territory with each piece being a part of a miniature city landscape.

Each piece is made of solid concrete, so you’d be smart to place them well out of any small child’s reach, but that said, it would be an interesting piece to have out and test yourself occasionally on making certain shapes (exercise for the brain!).

Tangram City Sculpture Puzzle

Each piece is made of solid concrete with a smooth outer surface.

Brand: 22 Design
Designer: Sean Yu & Yiting Cheng
Material: Concrete

Set of 7 pieces; Nature, Warehouse, Museum, Office Bldg., House, Factory, Apartment.

Nature W2.8โ€ย x L5.5โ€œ x H1.7โ€ย
Warehouse W2.8โ€œ x L5.5โ€ย x H0.9โ€ย
Museum W1.4โ€ย x L2.8โ€œ x H1.5โ€ย
Office Bldg W2.0โ€œ x L2.0โ€ย x H4.7โ€ย
House W1.4โ€œ x L2.8โ€ย x H0.7โ€ย
Factory W1.4โ€ย x L4.1โ€œ x H2.6โ€ย
Apartment W1.9โ€œ x L3.7″ x H2.2″

Available from Molla Space, 200.00.

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