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Tagliapizza Pizza Cutter

Tagliapizza Pizza Cutter

Is this a beautiful pizza cutter or what? Not that you need every single tool in your kitchen to be the best of the best, but, if you’re going to own a pizza cutter, it might as well be this one, right? A single ribbon of steel curves around to create a tab that accommodates your thumb’s pressure- it also keeps the wheel elevated off the table to avoid a mess. For anyone that loves their artisan (or takeout/delivery) pie, this might be the perfect gift.

The Tagliapizza Pizza Cutter is available from Fitzsu.

Dishwasher safe.

Designer: Paolo Ulian
Brand: ZANI & ZANI

Size: 10″
Material: 18/10 S.S.

Tagliapizza Pizza Cutter

Available from Fitzsu, 84.00.

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