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Solarlink Radio

Solarlink Radio

Can you think of a few situations where you might need one of these? Every time I see a wind up radio I think of 28 Days Later, and then quickly replace the thought with how handy it would be for particularly stormy days or camping.

“Included in the 2010 National Design Triennial, the Solarlink radio can be powered by the sun, a crank, three AA batteries, or a by DC power cord, none of which are included (except the crank).”

Other features:
-AUX input to play your external media
-AM/FM radio to catch the cool local college station
-Alarm clock to catch the sunrise
-SW/Weather Band Radio
-All seven channels of NOAA weather alert
-S.A.M.E. Technology (location-based weather alerts)
-R.D.S. (radio data system)
-Built-in LED flashlight
-Emergency siren
-Flashing beacon
-USB mobile-phone charger

From our archives; originally posted Aug 17, 2010.

Available from Cooper-Hewitt Shop, 80.00.

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