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Sempli’s Incanter

Sempli’s Incanter

Summer is right around the corner, which means you’ll need cold drinks in good supply. Sempli’s Incanter looks sort of fun, if you can get past the tipsiness that you might feel watching it spin around. Maybe you’ll put fruits in the borosilicate glass infuser and then pour in a liquor, but I’d opt for water or lemonade because I’m not a boozehound (like you). There is something nice about the vessel doing the mixing for you, and it’ll look oh-so-pretty on your table.

Designer: Daniele Semararo

Size: 6″ h x 4″ dia (15.2×10.2cm)
Material: Glass, plastic

Sempli's Incanter

Updated price and link; originally posted Jul 16, 2015.

Available from A+R Store, $65.00.

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