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Cantilever Cooking Utensils

Cantilever Cooking Utensils

Don’t your eyes just settle over these two Cantilever Cooking Utensils like a new glimpse of tasteful porn? Just kidding… sort of. I know, I know, a floating spatula isn’t as exciting as two attractive humans doing stuff or even a cinematic smartcase for your iPhone, but it should be. What are you going to do, go about your kitchen cooking a wonderful meal, only to set down your spatula or spoon on the counter and get sauce all over your counter? Gross, and probably a little unhygienic.

And, can I just say, what’s up with cooking utensils generally having the same colors of a preschool classroom? They should all be matte black, as these utensils are, and somewhat simple/severe in their shapes and lines. Maybe if we close our eyes and wish very, very hard, this collection will grow to include more utensils, so we can banish any un-lust-worthy tool from our kitchen drawer.

Designed by: LVLY

Cantilever Cooking Utensils

Cantilever Flatware Utensils Chopsticks

There’s also Cantilever Flatware ($24.95) and Cantilever Chopsticks ($4.95), should you be interested in all your surfaces remaining spic and span.

Available from iLoveHandles, $14.95.

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