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Indigo Splatter Ceramics by Chris Earl

Indigo Splatter Ceramics by Chris Earl

An indigo splattered coffee cup is just what your tea or coffee would like to live in (however briefly) before you sip/gulp/slurp it down. Los Angeles-based designer Chris Earl is the man with the blue paintbrush, and he splatters indigo glaze across his hand-thrown tumblers, coffee cups and bowls with equal enthusiasm.

Above, Nesting Bowls ($180.00) and Coffee Mug ($40.00).

Indigo Splatter Tumblers
Tumblr, $40 each.

“Because each mug is hand-thrown and formed, expect slight variations in the sizes and shapes of the mugs.”

Originally posted Jan 30, 2017.

Available from Chris Earl , $40.00+.

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