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Scantling Lamps

Scantling Lamps

Ouch. These are pricey, yet oh-so-striking. Designed by Mathias Hahn, arms and hinges allow the shade to fully rotate without the need of springs or counterweights. And what does ‘scantling’ mean? It is “a term used to define the size to which a piece of wood or stone is measured and cut, derived from the name of an old unit of measurement.” There you go. There’s also a Scantling Wall Light, too, though I haven’t yet seen a retailer offer the ceiling light, which is very impressive.

Scantling Floor Lamp

Available in two finishes: White or Stone Grey.
Design by Mathias Hahn
By Marset

Scantling Table Lamp: 15.75″W (arm) X 23.31″H, $920.00
Scantling Floor Lamp P15.7: 15.75″W (arm) X 47.74″H, $1,010.00
Scantling Floor Lamp P28.8: 28.82″W (arm) X 53.62″H, $1,250.00

Available from YLighting, 920.00 and up.

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