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Sanctuary4 Charging Station

Sanctuary4 Charging Station

There’s absolutely no reason for fishing around for your charging cord like an idiot. Come on, give in to 2013 and get a charging station. Bluelounge recently released Sanctuary4, a new station that has loads more power (a 4-amp charger) which allows four devices to quickly charge all at once. There’s four USB ports, so simply unplug and replace the cables when you have a new device.


Sanctuary4 comes with one Bluelounge Charge & Sync Micro-USB short cable (8 in.) Additional Bluelounge Charge & Sync short cables (8 in.) for Lightning, 30-pin and Micro-USB are sold separately.

Sanctuary4 – A Power Nap for Your Devices from Bluelounge.

Available from Bluelounge, 99.95.

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