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Recycling Frame from Materriashop

Recycling Frame from Materriashop

Don’t feel bad about forgetting your grocery tote at home, just remember to ask for paper bags. Materriashop’s Recycling Frame utilizes standard grocery bags to create an incredibly simple and environmentally friendly trash/recycling bin. The frame itself is made from 30% recycled steel and is of course recyclable itself.

Recycling made easy! Here’s an everyday product made functional and stylish. Recycle your paper, plastics and metals using these clever recycling frames. Style your own frame with your favorite bag. Great for the office and at home. Use 2 frames to create a recycling center for 3 collectables and use 3 frames for 5 collectables.

Material: Steel (30% recycled) and is 100% recyclable
Colors: white, red, black, steel gray.

[via Re-Nest]



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