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Papier-mâché Creatures from Stray Dog

Papier-mâché Creatures from Stray Dog

These delightful papier-mâché creatures will be your friends through thick and thin, so they’re well worth the price tag. And, most importantly (who needs friends anyways) they’re available in all sorts of colors. Doesn’t that make you happy?

Available in white or in any of 13 luscious colors – all in low VOC paints.
Rendered in papier mache by hand by artisans in Haiti.

Bird, $45.00, 6”h x 8”l x 4”w
Peacock, $200.00, 30”l x 17”h x 10”w
Cow (Ferdinand), $275.00, 20”h x 20”l x 25”w
Pig, $185.00, 13”h x 24”l x 10”w

Crab, Deer with Flowers, Fish, Love Bird, Pagan Goat (head), Peace Antelope (head), Praying Mantis, Snail, and Spider also available (not pictured).

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