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onefortythree Wall Lamps

onefortythree Wall Lamps

Bear with me here as I calm myself down from a conniption fit. I’m frantically trying to figure out where in my home I need an extra (and rather large) swing arm lamp after perusing the awfully affordable wall lights from onefortythree. (Have we posted these lamps before? Who cares?) You think I’m over exaggerating, and I am ever so slightly, but just take a look at the prices- $95, $145, $275- and each light is remarkably lovely. You can’t go wrong with those prices or any of the lamps… but, if you do, just let me know and I’ll be happy to take it/them off your hands.

Shown above: Swing-arm Wall Lamp 30″ in red, $125.00

(Note: Will post the Color Pendant Lamps and two table lamps in the upcoming days/weeks- they need their own space.)

Otis 48 wall lamp

Otis 48″ Wall Lamp, $275.00

Swing-arm Wall Lamp 18

Swing-arm Wall Lamp 18″, $95.00

Telescoping Swing-Arm Wall Lamp, $275.00

Available from onefortythree, 95.00 - 275.00.

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