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Concentric Wall Light

Concentric Wall Light

You can’t afford a commissioned Turrell light installation in your living room, but maybe you can afford a Concentric Wall Light from Marset. It’s still expensive, sure, but if you’re a big fan of glowing color, you’re going to like the options you get from the concentric design, especially in the dark.

“…while on an airplane journey, the fixture’s designer noticed the effect of the sunlight entering through the windows and reflecting the vibrant colors of the passengers’ clothing on the curved white surface of the airplane’s interior.”

Marset Concentric Corona Wall Light

Marset Concentric Major Wall Light

Design Country: Spain
Material: Concentric and overlapped plates made of lacquered white metal. The back of the plate is covered with vinyl in different colors.

Concentric L, 39.96” dia., $3,510.00
Concentric M, 32.09” dia., $2,980.00
Concentric S, 24” dia., $2,640.00

Specifications: LED SMD 7,8W 700mA 2700K 1066lm (included)

Marset Concentric Minor Wall Light

Marset Concentric Corona Wall Light

Available from Horne, $2,640.00+.

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