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Notion Sensor

Notion Sensor

Another monitoring gadget is here, and you just might want to try it out. The Notion Sensor can do a whole bunch of things. Place it on a door or window to know who’s coming and going, put it in a room that requires a certain temperature, or get an alert the moment there’s a water leak or smoke alarm. Stick a sensor at the place of concern, pair to the included Bridge, and then use the App to see the current status and receive alerts. You may need several sensors if you have lots of things you want monitored, but that may be worthwhile for your own peace of mind.

Home : 1, $129.00
Perfect for monitoring a specific room or object, 1 sensor & 1 bridge

Home : 3, $199.00
The entry level to home awareness, 3 sensors & 1 bridge

Home : 5, $269.00
The most popular home awareness package, 5 sensors & 1 bridge

Notion Sensor

Available from Notion, $129.00.

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