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New Blik Wall Graphics

New Blik Wall Graphics

Okay, so some of these aren’t ‘new’ as in brand-spanking-new, but seeing as we’ve only covered the Headboards by Mina Javid and some earlier wall graphics, it’s definitely time for some serious coverage. You know about Threadless teaming up with Blik, but did you know about Third Drawer Down jumping on the wagon too? This is where your heart goes pitter-pat at the thought of placing some odd-yet-wonderful graphics around your home. From very small Rub-Ons to large wall decals, there’s quite the collection to choose from.


left: Easy Steps, based on Easy Steps by Pascal Rivet from Threadless
Uh, “how to break dance”. Need I say more?
-Dimensions: 60″ x 27″
-Pieces: 2
$25.00, Available at Blik.

right: Skeletal Lamping, designed by David Barnes
David is brother of Kevin Barnes, the lead singer of of Montreal and lucky for us a digital download of their album is included with the decal.
-Made with Blik Re-Stik, these psychedelic decals are movable.
-Dimensions: 8′ x 8′
-Pieces: 105
$32.00, Available at Blik.

For more information on the Skeletal Lamping Collection see


left: The Great Animal Hunt, based on The Great Animal Hunt by Ross Zietz from Threadless
There’s 53 various sized red loops to use, so don’t go thinking it’s not a real word search. Could be fun in a kid’s room.
-Dimensions: 27″ x 27″
-Pieces: 54 (1 27″x27″ word search, 53 various sized loops)
$40.00, Available at Blik.

right: Untitled (2008) Rub Ons by artists Mrzyk & Moriceau
These are a bunch of small transfers that you can ‘rub-on’ almost any surface, which makes the possibilities pretty much endless (cards, mirrors, small boxes, glass, photos, etc.).
$12.00, Available at Blik.

Check out their site to see more of their work: Mrzyk & Moriceau
And, more on Third Drawer Down: Decalart (you can see the sizes of these here)


left:Shadow Figures Transfers designed by Jansen+co
Maybe some tableware or glassware needs some shadow puppet decoration? Hmm? Or maybe these would be good as bathroom tile ornamentation.
-Pieces: 20
$6.00, Available at Blik.

right: Edwina White Rub-Ons based on ‘On Closer Inspection’ (2007) by artist Edwina White
Again, these are small transfers that you can ‘rub-on’ almost any surface.
-Pieces: 35
$12.00, Availble at Blik.

And, more on Third Drawer Down: Decalart


left: Lacy Sunday designed by BY:AMT for Studio Jan Habraken
While I’m not quite sure how much I’d like these on a wall, I sort of love them on the floor as shown.
-Dimensions: Various
-Pieces: 4
$55.00, Available at Blik.

right: Fernwood Mirrors designed by Blaine Fontana
This silhouette-y decal is available in 3 sizes with the mirror (plexiglass) optional. Each size is a unique design.
-Dimensions: 25×30″ to 38×50″
-Pieces: 1
$55.00, Available at Blik.


left:Insects Transfers designed by Jansen+co.
More small transfers that you can ‘rub-on’ almost any surface. Talk about what you could do with these suckers. Could be really cute/disturbing on dinnerware/glassware, or maybe on a bathroom mirror.
-Pieces: 27
$6.00, Available at Blik.

right: Emma Magenta Rub-Ons based on ‘Variations on How to Become a New Creature’ (2007) by artist Emma Magenta
More transfers! Hooray. For real though, I can see these easily on a mug or two, maybe even to give as a gift…? There’s a great interview at daily imprint with Emma Magenta if you’re into her illustrations.
-Pieces: 7
$12.00, Available at Blik.

And, more on Third Drawer Down: Decalart

If you’re into the Threadless designs, keep in mind that you can vote for the designs you want to see “blik’d” next…

Available from Blik, .


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