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Neon Mfg. Signs

Neon Mfg. Signs

What if neon signs were more affordable? Maybe you would snap one up faster than you could say ‘do i really need one’ or maybe you couldn’t care less. Either way, some of us like that neon glow, and will spend the next few minutes contemplating just what word or short saying we’d most like to see each and every day, and then we’ll be happy that we could order a sign with up to ten letters for $350. Neon Mfg. also has plenty of pre-made options that might work for your wall as well: ‘Hustle‘ and ‘What If‘ ($125 each) are my favorites.

-Each sign comes with a 1-year warranty on electrical components.
-Indoor use only.
-The sign’s gas filled glass tubes last up to to 8 years of continuous use.
-Currently shipping to the United States and Canada only.

Neon Mfg. Signs
Hustle, $124.99

Dimensions: 10.5″ Long by 4.5″ High, and sticks out 3″ from the wall.

Available from Neon Mfg., $125.00 +.

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