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Mod Docking Station

Mod Docking Station

While this is a little more expensive than the other docking stations/device chargers that we’ve posted (see below), it does have a nice look.

Recharge and store all of your mobile equipment – iPhone, Blackberry, and MP3 players included – when you’re not mobile–all in smart, contemporary box. Its so hip-looking, your friends may think its purely decorative. Its durable, too, made of powder coated white steel with a soft red felt top, and its even wall-mountable to save space in your modern office or bedroom.

12.4″L X 8.3W X 4.5″H.

$198.00, Buy it here.

other stations/chargers:
Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station, $129.00
Lacquer Docking Station, $49.00
Phone/PDA Charging Station, $35.00
Bamboo Charging Station, $45.00



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