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Mobilhome Phone Storage Unit

Mobilhome Phone Storage Unit

Let’s be clear, some of us need a phone storage unit like this, and others of us don’t. However, all of us would most likely benefit from the idea behind this particular wool felt pocket thingamajig.

It serves as a reminder to leave your phone at the door, which hopefully means more time to visit and talk to your family (you know, those people you live with). Maybe put the pocket unit inside a conveniently located entry closet? That way you can gently recommend for everyone to tuck their phones away along with their coats. Bonus points if you place charging cords helpfully inside the pockets- you could even make it the only spot where charging cords are located, as a clever ruse for encouraging people to disconnect.

-10.5″ W x 24″ H. Mobilhome has four 3.5″ W pockets and one 8″ W pocket.
– Cross slit hangs on most knobs/hooks. Slit in back of each pocket for easy plug in.

Materials: 100% merino wool felt
Dimensions: H 0.3 Inches x W 10.5 Inches x L 24.0 Inches

Mobilhome Phone Storage Unit

Available from mobilhome, $125.00.

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