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Metaphys Desk Trays

Metaphys Desk Trays

Back in December Kris posted the Metaphys Desk items and they’re now available in the U.S./Canada. (Plus, there’s a few more pictures to show the storage capacities.)

‘Create a modern landscape on your desk with the wittily designed Stationary Desk Tray series. Each model, inspired by a natural feature, performs its job according to its composition: the “Soto” (forest) holds your elastic bands, the “Volca” (volcano) dispenses your paper clips, and the “Lago” (lake) is the perfect, water-filled stamp moistener. Arranged together, their visual and tactile appeal is extremely powerful… which can, ironically, make doing actual work a bit more difficult!’

Soto, $39.00: 4.75″W x 4.75″L x 2.25″H
Volca, $39.00: 4.75″W x 4.75″L x 1.5″H
Lago, $39.00: 4.75″W x 4.75″L x 1″H
Set of 3 (one of each), $99.00

Available from Metaphys, $39.00.

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