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Marble Mortar and Pestle

Marble Mortar and Pestle

Most cooks leave mortar and pestles out on the countertop to avoid lugging them in and out of cabinets, and seeing as they’re out for everyone to see, they might as well be nice to look at. Marble, as some of you might know, is an excellent material for a mortar and pestle as it does not absorb odors from foods and provides a perfect grinding surface. Each varies slightly.

Designer/Manufacturer: Magnus Lundstrom Design
Material: marble

Shown above: Small Black Mortar and Pestle , $60.00
Dimensions: 4.7″ x 2.4″

Medium White Mortar and Pestle

Mortar And Pestle, Medium White, $80.00
Dimensions: 5.8″ x 2.7″

Available from Cooper-Hewitt Design Shop, 60.00 - 80.00.

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