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Mammoth Collection

Mammoth Collection

Here’s some more affordable art to cut your collector’s teeth on… just a sampling, of course, as there’s lots more to see at THE MAMMOTH COLLECTION.

Main image, shown above: VINE AVENUE by Jaime Hogge

Prices are as follows:
8″ x 10″ Edition of 200, $20
11″ x 14″ Edition of 100, $50
16″ x 20″ Edition of 20, $200
and, in some cases, 24″ x 30″ Edition of 10, $800

River by Tom Edwards

Middle Class Utopia by Klaus Pichler

Viscereality by Lionel Williams

Pedalboats by Akos Major

THE MAMMOTH COLLECTION works using a different model than what you might find in your average gallery. By offering each artwork in multiple, large editions, we’ve struck a balance between making art affordable and accessible while still supporting the people who create it.

Available from THE MAMMOTH COLLECTION, 20.00 and up.

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