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Leather Strap Cutting Boards

Leather Strap Cutting Boards

These wooden cutting boards are nice enough to display on a wall in your kitchen, and that will be easy to arrange as they have leather straps for exactly that purpose. Keep in mind that the larger the board, the higher the price, and the more you spend the more you’ll want to keep that board looking good with appropriate cutting board oil (such as BCM&T oil).

maple board: $60.00, 7″W x 10″D x .75″H
maple long board: $170.00, 6″W x 20″D x 2″H
walnut board: $130.00, 9″W x 11″D x 1.75″H
walnut rectangular board: $98.00, 8″W x 20″D x .75″H

Available from Jayson Home, 60.00 and up.

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