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k-series floor/table lamps

k-series floor/table lamps

Designed by Shiro Kuramata, these k-series lamps are definitely a unique accent to any room. They look like little ghosts to me, which makes me like them that much more, but to those of you less creatively inclined, maybe they’ll just be cool cloth-like lamps.

“The lighting fixtures that he developed in 1972 give an impression of a white cloth placed on the ground. It represented a revolution in lighting, with each of the light shades differing slightly in shape from the others. The light appeared as a piece of cloth rising of its own accord, seeming to defy gravity, while successfully replacting the image of a cloth with light itself. Every piece is individually formed. The process involves four craftsmen, who are specially trained to shape this unique design.”

k-baby floor/table lamp: 16″w ยท 16″d ยท 15″h, $450.00
k-mama floor lamp: 23″w ยท 23″d ยท 21.5″h, $650.00


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