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Italian Barbecue Tool Set

Italian Barbecue Tool Set

Well, aren’t we fancy with our Italian Barbecue Tool Set? Because a BBQ set from anywhere else just won’t cut it, or that’s at least what you’ll tell your guests the next time you’re grilling. Be sure to tell them you’re kidding after that snotty remark, or else they’ll not invite you over to their house where they have ordinary barbecue tools from an ordinary store because that’s where ordinary people shop. Made in Maniago, Italy, known for its artisan blacksmiths.

-Made from rust-resistant, brushed steel from Germany.
-Indian Rosewood handles have an oiled finish.

Tongs, 22 ¼ inches
Spatula, 21 inches
Fork, 21 inches
Knife, 20 ¼ inches

Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, 219.00.

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