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Iittala Tools Pots and Pans

Iittala Tools Pots and Pans

What do you do when you’re serious about beautiful product design and have some money to burn in the kitchen? You snap up the Tools collection by Iittala, that’s what. Each piece features oversized handles and is made of stainless steel and aluminium. Prices of each piece below.

Manufacturer: Iittala
Design: Björn Dahlström, 1998

Tools casserole 8,0 L, $405.00
Tools casserole 5,0 L, $365.00
Tools casserole 4,0 L, $318.00
Tools casserole 3,0 L, $297.00
Tools saucepan 3,0 L, $293.00
Tools sauteuse without lid 1,0 L, $160.00
Tools oven pan small, $268.00
Tools oven pan large, $298.00
Tools frying pan 26 cm, $136.00
Tools saucepan 2,0 L, $245.00
Tools sauteuse 2,5 L, $212.00

See the complete collection at Finnish Design Shop or Iittala.

Available from Finnish Design Shop, 136.00 - 405.00.

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