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Hi-Gloss Stepladder

Hi-Gloss Stepladder

Stepladders usually hide out in our broom closets and garages, but this guy is a different breed altogether. With a simple, clean-lined frame and super high-gloss wood, it begs to be noticed. An indent at the top of the frame and accompanying lacquered peg means it can be hung on whatever wall you deem appropriate, though considering the price tag I’d recommend the closet rather than the garage. (Also, be sure to check out the Lucano Stepladder ($200) for comparison.)

4′ 4″ h x 1′ 6″ w x 2″ d

Designer: Karl Malmvall
Details: Peg enclosed for wall-mounting
Material: Lacquered rubber wood

Hi-Gloss Stepladder

Available from Horne, $400.00.


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