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‘Help Me’ and ‘Thought’ Digital Art Prints

‘Help Me’ and ‘Thought’ Digital Art Prints

I think some people forget that visual art can not only make your walls and rooms less empty and a little ‘prettier’, but it can also mean something to you, and evoke a particular feeling that you have upon viewing it. Much like a smell or a song, it’s a package of colors, images and/or textures that brings emotion or thought, so there can be a lot more complexity involved than just figuring out what print from your local craft or furniture store matches your wall color.

That brings me around to my originally intended subject of digital artwork, which is becoming exponentially available nowadays, and opens up possibilities of some pretty good stuff that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars. I like these two from
Amka Shop, but there’s lots more, so I encourage checking it out:

“To make the most of these digital works of art, we offer large-format (poster) printing on thick, soft tarp, which will give your interior decoration a hint of feeling, and originality. We only print &#34luxury&#34 editions, and our prints are also available on laminated paper, aluminium, solid pvc, and pvc sticker, in limited editions of 200, for sale only on our site.”

‘Help Me’ (left) 90 cm x 130 cm, 175 &#8364
‘Thought’ (right) 90 cm x 130 cm, 175 &#8364

(shipping to the US will run around 22 &#8364 or so for the sizes cited)


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