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Hasami Porcelain Collection

Hasami Porcelain Collection

Yes, you have seen this set of dinnerware by Takuhiro Shinomoto and Hasami before. Considering the beauty and function, it’s only right for another place in the spotlight, and this time the link is directly to the designer’s shop (as is only fitting).

The unglazed porcelain of the Hasami bowls, mugs and plates provides a rich, textural feel against the oak lids. All the dishes and lids stack on top of each other for very organized storage, so say goodbye to cabinet chaos. You’re able to combine a wide variety of sizes and shapes to suit your needs; pick out the right mix for you and your family and then plan to enjoy them for both serving and eating for years to come.

Hasami Porcelain Collection at Tortoise General

Made in Japan
Designed by Taku Shinomoto of Tortoise General Store.

Bowls, Mugs, and Plates are made from a mixture of porcelain and clay. Dishwasher and microwave safe.
Oak wood trays- hand wash and dry.

Hasami Porcelain Collection
image via TRNK.

Hasami Oak Lids

Hasami Porcelain Collection

Available from Tortoise General Store, $10.00+.

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