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Silicone Highball, Rocks, Wine Glass

Silicone Highball, Rocks, Wine Glass

Can you believe these are silicone glasses? Unbreakable and easy to clean, they’re perfect for outdoor use around the pool or patio. There’s the Highball size (mixed drinks and cocktails), the Rocks (shaped for whiskey or other on-the-rocks liquor), and the Wine Tumbler. Choose the size(s) most suitable for you and rest easy knowing that no matter how tipsy you or your guests get, your best glassware won’t be shattered.

Snow Peak Silicone Highball and Wine Glass

Dishwasher safe, and highly heat resistant.
Wine glass: Hand-wash with a mild soap only, some detergents may leave a film.

Snow Peak Silicone Highball

Available from Snow Peak, $26.95.

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