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Hand Carved Geometry Stamp Set

Hand Carved Geometry Stamp Set

Just try not wanting this Geometry Stamp set, I dare you. Think of the reports you could stamp, the note to your boss or accountant! Oh, the fun to be had with an ink pad and a little geometry! Each set is hand-carved in good-quality hard rubber, and don’t be shy about asking for custom stamps as the artist welcomes commissions.

Worldwide shipping costs $5 for one stamp (unless it is really big/heavy) and $6 for two, depending on the size/weight too.

Designed by Tyr (Tian Gan), a Chinese graphic artist living in Stockholm, Sweden.
The biggest stamp measures app. 2cm (0.8in) tall.

Oh, and what about this Moon Stamp Set?

Moon, Hand Carved Rubber Stamp Set, $21.00

Available from this is just to say, 12.00.

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