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Hafod Grange Teasel Paperweight

Hafod Grange Teasel Paperweight

A spiny head of a hand-picked teasel doesn’t sound pretty, but up close it’s a beauty to behold. Dipsacus fullonum is the plant’s proper name, by the way, and the prickly bracts are friendlier to inspect and admire when enclosed safely within polyester resin. It may be an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates botanical oddities, but I’d say you could justify purchasing one for yourself, as it is a paperweight, and therefore can be classified under office supplies. Do take a look at the full selection of Hafod Grange Paperweights, as you may want to start a collection (the Dandelion is spectacular).

The resin is infused with a UV filter to prevent fading.

Manufacturer: Hafod Grange

Hafod Grange Teasel Paperweight

Available from The Line, $58.00.

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