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Gugo Glass Pitcher Jugs

Gugo Glass Pitcher Jugs

Nice jugs. See, I can say that aloud without fearing a punch in the face. You might need to be a little more careful, especially if you give one of these as a gift to a favorite co-worker or your mother-in-law.

The Gugo Pitcher Jugs are designed by Kanz Architetti and produced by Venetian glass artisan Erre Soffieria. And, if you haven’t noticed the prices, do take a look. Pleasantly surprised? Me too.

Gugo Glass Pitcher Jugs

Designer: Kanz Architetti / Hands on Design
100% glass

Gugo Glass Pitcher Jug Medium

โ€˜Gugoโ€™ pitcher jug, Medium, $55.00
Width 9.5cm, height 14cm

‘Gugoโ€™ pitcher jug, Large, $83.00
Width 10.5cm, height 20.5cm

Gugo Glass Pitcher Jug Large

Available from Wallpaper Store, $55.00 -85.00.

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